Networking!three basic steps.

There are three basic steps to networking:Process,People,and Practice.

The first step is Process. As part of the process,answer the following questions:

1.Why am i networking?

2.Who will i be networking with?

3.What am i able to give to the process?

4.What do i hope to gain?

5.When will i network?

Next set goals for networking.Decide on a particular time of day or week when you will proactively network.Set up a system for tracking the contacts you make,a good computer-based system is best.Prepare the tools of networking:business cards,thank you notes,brochures.Make sure that your materials are professional and reflect you.Remember that you want to make positive connections!

People: Where can we network to meet the people we want to build relationships with?

Chambers of commerce

Online Forums

Networking groups

Professional associations


Chartiable organizations

Facebook Fan Page

Practice:To be successful at networking,practice is critical. First impressions are important,so keep in mind that you only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression. Here are five guidelines to follow that will help make the practice perfect!

1.Keep business cards with you at all times,along with a pen for jotting notes on cards you receive to help you remember where and why you have them.

2.Have a “TMAY”(Tell Me About Yourself).practice a short phase that will enable you to respond professionally and in a manner that will attract interest and lead you into a meaningful conversation.

3.Remember the Three Foot Rule:Anyone within three feet(about the length of a handshake)be careful with this one,is a prospect and possible contact for you.

4.Always smile at people : It’s contagious!

5.Have fun:You never know when you’ll meet a new best friend!

Networking is an attitude;process,place,and practice will enable you to impress people favorable! I always try to be alert and listen to the people around me, to find that key connection! Networking is my passion,my pleasure,and my best sales tool!

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How to reach Emerging markets.

Are you taking advantage of the great opportunities to expand our business success within emarging Asian,Hispanic,African-American and women’s markets? The marketplace for all product and service is growing at warp speed. In the last decade,minority-buying power has nearly doubled,growing at a faster rate than the overall U.S. buying power.African-American consumers comprise the largest buying power group as of the last census at $572.1billion,followed by latinoe at $452.4billion. Regardless of what product or service you offer,no longer is it enough to be an expert in your field. The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs recognize that they must also understand today’s diverse markets,and utilize creative marketing strategies and techniques to connect to them.

It is important to build your knowledge and understanding of different groups,so that you do not rely on biases or stereotypes that exist due to lack of information.Additionally,you don’t want to offened people simply because you were not aware of multicultural behaviors.Do your homework by conducting research on the internet,talking to people in the group you which to reach,and getting involved in organizations whose members are representative of the group with whom you wish to do business.Utilize the following resources to expand your knowledge and then explore ways to promote your business:

The most effective marketing techniques help you build a lasting relationship with your propects and clients.

This is especially true for emerging markets. Your clients are interested in knowing whether you are interested in them as people or if you just want their dollars. Developing relationships is a long-term process,and has big payoffs.

Suggestions for Promotion to Emerging Markets

Hire a marketing intern to identify segments you want to reach.

Sponsor events,hire interns,place ad banners and videos on their websites etc.

Become a guest lecturer at local educational institutions,libraries,and civic organizations whose attendees are your target market.

Offer your own course through community college and programs for non-traditional students.

Sponsor quarterly or yearly”champagne teas”,held in an intriguing location to target women for your product or service.

Sponsor/support athletic and student group events(eg.ethnic sororities and fraternities).

Join specialized chambers of Commerce:African-American,Hispanic,Asian,and women.

Create an award/list,patterned after the fortune 500 list that relate to your product or service,i.e America’s 50 Best Companies for Minorities.Develop process for nominations,and selection,including a media event to announce the winner.

Offer or sponsor a free tele-class to discuss aspects of your product or service and market it to specific target margets.

Put free information on your website that will draw new market segments.

Sponsor segments of conference and conventions held for your target marget.(Contact your local convention and visitors bureau for information).

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Three rules of Smart Networking

The message here is very simple-do something for someone else in the hopes that the favor will someday be returned.

To boost your chance that our networking efforts will pay off,follow these effective steps:

Rule 1 List the relationships you have now.According to experts,there are essentially three main types of business relatinships that most people need:

Task based relationships with coworkers.

Advice relationships with people who receive advice from you or with people who provide advice to you.

Informal socializing relationships with anyone in the workplace with whom you have a comfortable,easy-going relationship.

Your goal should be to build enough relationships to guarantee a strong mix of all three.

Rule 2 Widen your network.While it is not helpful to “collect’ friends just for the fun of it,it certainly helps to have a wide network of substantial relationships with people possessing varying strengths and talents. Then when you do need help, your network will include someone ideally suited to offer the necessary assistance. You can never have too large a network.While it takes more time and effort to maintain a larger number of relationships,the effort usually pays off in times of need.

Rule 3; Build relationships for the long term. People who sense that you are befriending them only because you have a specific short-term need for their support will remember you as an opportunist when,down the road,you ask them to help you get a new job.Focus on cultivating long term relationships. To do this,you must always be prepared to give as much, or preferably more, than you take. Try to prove to the person that you are a valuable companion-that you represent a source of support and assistance whenever it is needed.Be prepared to give of yourself whenever the need arises.

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Seek out promotion Opportunities!

You will learn how to coach others to promote yourself.Your friends,family,customers and business associates already love you.Why not ask them to continue supporting you and your business through referrals.

There are three easy steps to creating glowing testimonials.The first is to simply be aware.We all love compliments.Next time you receive one don’t just say thank you.Look the person right in the eye and say,”thank you for noticing,that is so kind.A great testimonial like that could be so helpful to my business.Would you mind writing it down for me on your letterhead?Thank you”

The second step is to use these testimonials to promote your business and make new prospects into clients.Testimonials are one of the easiest,most effective,and lowest cost promotion tools.

Step three is to reap the benefits with increased exposure and a more profitable business.

The best way to grow your business to the next level is by joining forces with the competition.

Approach your competitor and ask about sharing your leads list.This may be hard to do at first,we work so hard on building our list.If you find someone with the same business ideas,you can build a strong competitive association.

You will more than double your database of leads up new market areas,and put your foot in the doors of many new opportunities for marketing,speaking,social media business. You can’t take every social media,marketing contract,and neither can your new partner,so you are the first to refer one another.

This association will grow your businesses quickly,increased your credibility,support your clients,and improved your service.

You never know where and when business will come your way.Seek a referral from your competition for referral is perceived as one of the best forms of flattery.

When you help and support others it comes back to you many times over in increased referrals,respect,and more business than you can handle.So stop worrying about your competition.Don’t fight them;join them!

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Monetizing your business!Going Green.

Monetizing your business by going Green! Renovating a property makes it more salable or rentable by improving the investment.This is the underlying expection of any renovation that takes advantage of the spread between a property in distressed or wholesale condition and a retail sale.

If a renovation included some energy efficiency components that were subsidized, the performance of the investment could be improved dramatically.Would you consider this?

If the renovations attracted grants,incentives,rebates and tax credits(state and federal) for 40 percent to 60 percent of total expense this reduce the capital expended. Would this be attractive?

If the renovation reduced ongoing energy costs by 30 percent to 60 percent even though these costs were paid by a renter,but generated a higher rent because of a lower cost of occupancy should a rental owner consider it?

If various appraisal rules were being applied to increase appraised value by between 5 percent to 15 percent and this was shown to impact price and time on market,should an investor consider it?

Marketing Process:

1.An advertisment that emphasized “green” and energy efficiency was created and posted on A similar ad with no reference to energy efficiency also was used.

2.Prospective tenants responded to the online advertisement.The energy efficient ad got three times times the response.

3.The leasing representative at the property management company were coached on energy efficiency and how to sell the idea to tenants in terms of savings. The tenant prospects as it turned out did not need convincing.

The advertisement attracted a higher number of better quality renters that were willing to pay the higher rent.The property rent was achieved with little or no additional effort.

The advantage of positioning yourself as an” Green”business owner is still a unique message for the average tenant. The fact this position increases rental income makes the property and any property owner using this strategy more effective.

Energy efficiency or “Green” attracts a better tenant demographic that is willing to pay highher rents for a lower cost of occupancy becaause of lower energy use. The owner clearly benefits in terms of incentives,fewer vacancies and more reliable tenants.

The fact that a property owner can generate fees and higher rent also means greater income to the property owner.

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How to make cold calls and contacts

Why do they call them “cold” calls? Because the thought of making them sends chills through the bravest of souls. You might be able to talk on the phone for hours with a friend.But imagine calling someone who doesn’t know you. You have to explan who youk you are and why the heck you are calling. You are so afraid you might sound like one of those people who call you at home in the evening asking to clean your ducts or pave your driveway. The person at the other end of the line might hang up at any second,so you blurt it out and pray. You feel at their mercy. And what if you are prevented from reaching your cold contact by the dreaded gatekeeper? No problem. Belive in yourself,read the tips below,then start dialing.

Five tips to warm up cold calls

1.Get Ready to Call

Before you start,have a list of names and numbers ready.No skipping names once you start. Spend time preparing your list before you start calling. You may grow less willing to continue after you get turned down a few times.

Have everthing you need readdy before you start: script notes,pricing,calendar,pen,and pad. And visit the bethroom before-hand;you want no distractions.

Be clear on why you are calling. Your purpose might be to book a meeting, to discover the contact’s short or long term needs, to get additional contact names, to introduce yourself,to discover what suppliers they use now.

2.Schedule a Time Every Day.

Don’t do anything else during that time period. When one call is finished, dial the next. At the end of the scheduled time period,stop. Better to stop fresh then beat. That way you’ll think.”Wow,that wasn’t so bad. Can’t wait for next time.” Set goals and measure what you do. How many is enough will depend on your market and success rate.

3.Voice Mail Can Be Great.

Voice mail will allow you to leave your rehearsed,30 second message without interruption. In fact, if you call when you know the person you are trying to reach is not available, it may even help you to de-ice the first couple of calls. Leave your phone number twice, once at the start and once at the end of your message.

4.Get Past the Gatekeeper.

Gatekeepers feel protective of their charge. They want to feel valued and important, if you make them feel that way you will get cooperation instead of ice.

5.A Real Live Person.

So now you’ve finally made your contact with a living,breathing human being who can make the decision. Talk to them,listen attentively,and make notes.Do they sound interested,ambivalent,not interested? After each call,make a quick mental check. Is there anything you should have done differently?

Cold calling is an activity that many people hate,but it works.Don’t worry if you don’t feel good; you may even feel just thinking about it.This is one thing that is worth imperfectly and improving.Just start, and keep at it.

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Vancouver Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Services range from Freelance Writing to Hypnotherapy Treatment/Products, up-to and including, Quantum Touch® Energy Healing. Continue reading

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Sarasota FL,Video games Addiction

Addiction A 2007 study by the AMA reports that close to
90% of American youngsters play video games
and as many as 15% of them—more than 5 million
kids are addicted. Continue reading

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Marketing!Finding Your Specialization

Marketing is as old as trade itself,and as natural as breathing.Some people are born with the innate ability to sell,while others develop it as a skill. I fall into the later category. I’m still developing and honing my skill. I’ts a life-long work in progress.

Selling,marketing,and promotion are three separate function but all interconnected.Promotion is a function of marketing,and marketing is a function of selling.I tend to use the three terms interchangeably,but the bottom line is about selling a product,whatever that product might be.

In my case, i am the product.I sell me. Who better to sell me,than me? I have line extensions,such as my teaching,but i am the brand,not my classes. I use ancillary products as tools to promote my product-me. I am the authority on marketing-top browser ranking,That statement is my mission.

I haven’t reached the pinnacle of my mission yet, but that’s not the point.The point is,I have a mission statement,and everything I do is sync with that.For each new opportunity presented to me I ask, does it fit my mission? If not, I pass on it.There are very few generalist success stories in my marketing field.

It is that specialization that is the first of the major marketing hurdles you need to clear before you can successful.

Tips to ask yourself:

How professional does my advertising look?
Is my marketing unique and does it focus on my branding image?
How do i answer the phone?
Do i return phone calls promptly?
Do i have value based pricing?
Do i treat my customers like royalty?
Do my customers provide me with repeat and referral business?

All this examination made me go back to mission statement and unique branding to see if i was really providing what I advertised!

I promote myself as the eye on marketing performance! My eyes now not only see what areas my clients want me focus on, but they look inward to see if i am offering excellence in my business performance.

How do you see yourself? Are you ready and willing to take a closer look at your uniqueness?

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Fishers Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker Are you currently looking for a speaker to teach you how to overcome adversity and succeed in business and life? Continue reading

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