The secret of love is out.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and your new book The handbook of Love: A Guide to Your Love.

I was born in CT and now reside in Hollywood CA the love capital of the world.

I studied acting, but my day job is a spiritual life coach. I have a unique gift of a seer and have helped many people with their lovelife, careers and destinies. I wrote a new book called The Handbook of Love, which will be released in June! Filled with poetic prose and truths about love,

 2. What did you see going on around that you had to write a love book.

I saw the great lack and need for love in our generation and the word love has lost its meaning in this world!

 3.Who should buy your love guide book- Is this a book a man should read before he goes out for the night?

This book will give you clarity about your love life and help answer your own questions about love. Also, how it affects every area of your life  and not just in the area of romance.

I do believe men need to read this book before they go out. It will help them decide if they want a quick booty call or find long lasting love!:)

4.Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man’ By Steve Harvey is your book like this?

I haven’t read the book so I don’t know -it is about couples in love.

5. Revolution of love.What do you mean? Are we all doing it wrong?

I believe it is time to revolutionize the words… I love you and supercharged them again!! These words have been used and abused and have lost their true power. Love is defined as a noun in the dictionary. But it really is a verb! It requires action. Love is not just what I say, but it is what I do!! My book defines the many definitions of love!

6.Do you get more women because of your book?:) Do men hate you because of your book?

Yes my girlfriends have increased and men actual love my book and appreciate it too! My seminars are given surprisingly, by all men who talk about love and its many facets.

7. Words to ignite the fire of change so desperately needed in our society! Give couple examples .How much is too much for a man to start sharing his words?

I believe when you have an authority in a particular area. You don’t need long text book explanations. When a man knows what he is talking about he only needs to speak a few simple words! Any one of the words of wisdom in my book could ignite the fire, and help bring change in any area of any relationship in our society!

8.  Solutions to their problems are simply found in love. Is it really so simple? The divorce rate is still very high.

I believe the problem is that we have made love to complicated. Being self- centered and fear complicates our loving ways. When you understand love everything else makes sense. It really is just that simple.

9.How do you market your book, give us some tips on how you grow your business,

I self-published first and then it was picked by a great publishing company. I also hired a publicist to help get my book in unique places such as an Oscar gifting suite, a book signing at a movie premier and many red carpet events. I also recently started conducting Love Revolution Seminars to increase the flow of love in people’s lives.

10.Final comment: For what do you want to be remembered professionally?

I want be remember as one who has captured the simplicity of love and its mysteries and gave it to the world!  Love takes small things and makes them great!


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