Fishers Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker Are you currently looking for a speaker to teach you how to overcome adversity and succeed in business and life?

 Survive and Thrive Popular Presentations in the "Turning Quicksand Into Solid Ground" series:

  • "Survive and Thrive: How to Overcome Adversity and Live the Life You Really Want"
  • "The Miracle Child: How to Set Higher Goals and Achieve the Unimaginable In Life"
  • "Move It: How to Deal with Change"
  • "5 Tips for Creating a Better Future"
  • "It’s About Hope: Rebuilding Your Life When It’s Turned Upside Down"
  • "Just Buckle It: How to Make Good Decisions Behind the Wheel and In Life"
  • "Me and My Big Feet: How to Take A Stand and Be A Leader In Your Organization"
  •  "The Little Decison: How to Make Good Decisions and Reduce Stress In Life"
  • "From Your House to the Statehouse: How to Provide Effective Testimony When You Have A Disability" 
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About hollischapman

"Great Gifts,Great Talk,Great Guests" is host Hollis Chapman motto for his internet talk show.Tune into "hollischapmanshow" every Friday (10 am Pacific 1 pm Eastern) on blogtalkradio channel.Host Hollis Chapman,small business marketing coach,consultant,offers practical, powerful tools,tips,and techniques to help your business grow.The show clients and guests join Hollis with success stories for growing,getting over negative thoughts,they offer valuable content to the listners.This show is loaded with specific How To's-how to remain confident and focused at crunch time,when pressure,tension and anxiety like making an uninvited appearance.Tune in and for great talk,great gifts,great guests.
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