Build a Targeted Email List

This is where the money is. When you build an email list of targeted people that have asked for information from you, you can cut the costs associated with traditional marketing methods-designs, printing,postage,labor,agency fees,airtime,etc.Your risk goes down to zero, and your return on investment skyrockets

You won’t be alone either.Companies large and smell are gathering email addresses for the same reasons: cheap and quick marketing. You can hardly find a website that doesn’t entice you to “log in” “sign our guest book,””get free tips via email,” or have some other strategy to get your email which is sending promotional email to any email address you can beg,borrow,steal,or buy.

Here’s the implied bargain you are striking with the people that get your emails.You send them information that saves them time,makes them money,gives them the information they want, or in some way benefits them. In return, they agree to stay on your list so that you can market to them.

You have to do a little experimenting with your target market to find the right balance of information, marketing,and frequency. Send too many self promotional pieces and other ads and people unsubscribe.Send anything too often and they”ll leave you quicker.On the other hand,send lots of great information with no marketing content and you’ll be wasting your time because you haven’t given them a chance to buy.

Keep in mind that a small,targeted list will make more money than a big general list.With a targeted list you can define the wants and needs of the people on the list and create products and service that they will want to buy.

Getting people to sign up isn’t all that hard. Your great website attracts people you would never have found in any other way.Directories and limited direct mail can get them on the list at minimum cost.Do whatever legitimate thing you have to do to get that email address, and then your promotion is free from then on.


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