Phoenix Wrongfully Accused,Lawyer,Criminal Defense Attorney If you are Wrongfully Accused or need someone to protect your rights and fight to keep you out of jail, call THE LAW OFFICE OF HENRY J. CLARK, JR. (602) 258-1977

  Attorney Henry J. Clark, Jr., graduated from Wayne State University Law School in 1994 and he has been protecting the rights of the Wrongfully Accused every since.   Attorney Clark opened his first Law Office in Flint, MI in November of 1994.  In 2002, Attorney Clark was admitted to practice law in the state of Arizona.  Attorney Clark now has two locations, Phoenix, Arizona and Flint, MI to defend the Wrongfully Accused.

     Attorney Henry J. Clark, Jr., is a Criminal Defense Attorney with more than 15 years of experience defending clients charged with all types of criminal offenses.  Attorney Clark has defended  thousands of clients. Over the course of his long and successful career he has spared clients from what they believed would be certain incarceration and a permanent scar on their record.

      Attorney Clark has defended and tried cases ranging from murder to simple speeding tickets. Attorney Henry J. Clark, Jr., has a personal commitment to his clients and he offers his clients competent representation in a supportive, hands-on environment and aggressive representation regardless of the charge. Attorney Clark strives to minimize the effects and ramifications of a criminal case to allow his clients to put the case behind them and move on with their professional and personal lives.

     If you are Wrongfully Accused or need someone to protect your rights and fight to keep you out of jail, call THE LAW OFFICE OF HENRY J. CLARK, JR. (602) 258-1977 or (810) 233-3939


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