How to find realty New Jersey,New Jersey realty Perception,New Jersey empowerment, What is realty empowerment David Rosenhaus is the Spiritual Advisor and Empowerment Specialist who created the YOU to the 10th POWER™ empowerment workshops and the Rock and Roll Oracle™ empowerment card series. He is also a published author and produced … Continue reading

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Affordable Marketing Talk show Phoenix,Phoenix Affordable marketing Talk Show,  The modern rules of financial freedom starts with a four steps process. Steps to financial freedom Build a business Reinvest in your business Invest in real estate Let your assets buy luxuries 1.Build a business for financial success. Building … Continue reading

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The History of The Family Witch,Family Witch of Foothills California, The history of the family witch  With the war between good and evil looming, Kelly must find the strength to harness her magical powers and summon The Crystal Princess inside her. Kelly lives the life of a typical teen … Continue reading

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The Secret of successful loss leader promotion

Increasing enrollment through loss leaders promotion.

A Loss leader is any promotion this is advertised for the purpose other than to generate immediate net profit to your budget.

Simply stated,it is the idea of running a special for the purpose of publicizing your business.

This loss leader promotion can be seen in all areas of business.

The first exposure to your event,don’t let be your last.

Supermarkets run weekly specials to attract customers into their stores.Auto parts stores run seasonal specials to promote their outlets.The concept of a loss leader is not foreign to the business community by any stretch of the imagination.

How does this promotion concept affect your business? The idea with your book promotion or business is to run a universally attractive class at a “Loss” in order to generate a large mailing list of future customers.

For example,if your promotion is in,San Diego,then your promotion could offer a free class entitled:Welcome to San Diego.

The overwhelming response would provide the you with a sizable mailing list of future customers and promote your book and or small business as well.

There are several ingredients necessary for a successful loss leader promotion,none of which should be ignored.They are:

1.Universal appeal. The class must appeal to a general market for it to generate enough enrollments to make it worthwhile. To run “Belly Dancing” as a loss leader promotion would not be wise. The twenty or so enrollments that it would generate would not begin to make up for the expense of running the class.

A much better class would be “Million Dollar Opportunities for 2000’s or “100 ideas For Singles in San Diego.”

2.Low price. The cost of the loss leader promotion should not exceed $10,and it is best if offered for free. If the class does require a fee,it should be advertise as a material fee or a processing charge, and should not be a normal enrollment fee. To charge over $10,usually offsets the purpose of generating a sizable mailing list.

3.Low instructor fee. To make a loss leader promotion worth your while, it is best to keep the instructor fee as an absolute minimum. Stress to the instructor that he or she will receive the benefits of exposure,mailing list names,social media write-ups etc. Also,always make the terms a fixed fee payment that has been negotiated at the time the contract is signed.

To pay the instructor a percentage of enrollments will be large due to the low price of the class and its universal appeal!

4.Large facility.Make sure that you have access to a large enough facility to accommodate the high number of enrollments. This is preferable to adding a second section in that you will not have to pay the instructor for the second section and large class size is impressive to the new students,making your promotion appear very successful.

5.Sufficient catalog write-up with influential placement. Don’t write only a few lines about your special promotion and then bury it somewhere in the middle of your catalog.Spotlight the class with a cover “teaser” write sufficient copy for the class to seem appealing enough to attend,include an attractive photo,and then place the write-up in a prominent postion in the catalog so that it will not be overlooked.

6.Advertising in other publications. If you are running a free class,there are scores of other publications that will publicize it for the benefit of their readers.Send press releases to any that you can think of -newspapers,entertainment guides,s and small press publications,college papers,local welcome wagons,chambers of commerce,and even TV radio stations. Remember, for a loss leader promotion to be effective, it must generate a LARGE list of names. The only way to do this is to advertise the class to as large a market segment as possible.

7.Promotion of of this event in the class.

Make sure that the instructor reminds the students who attend the class,that the class is being made possible by the generosity of your company. Have plenty of current catalogs available for each student to receive. As long as you do not spend to much time on it,the students will not mind the plug for your company. Don’t miss this opportunity for free publicity.

8.AS Fun or as Informative a format as possible.Remember,this may be the first exposure these students/customers have with your company.Don’t let it be their last.If they enjoy the class,then they will tell others about it. Word of mouth is by far the most effective form of advertising available.Make sure that the instructor understand this also.If you need help  putting on your next loss leader promotion contact hollischapmanshow business learning center.

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The secret of love is out.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and your new book The handbook of Love: A Guide to Your Love.

I was born in CT and now reside in Hollywood CA the love capital of the world.

I studied acting, but my day job is a spiritual life coach. I have a unique gift of a seer and have helped many people with their lovelife, careers and destinies. I wrote a new book called The Handbook of Love, which will be released in June! Filled with poetic prose and truths about love,

 2. What did you see going on around that you had to write a love book.

I saw the great lack and need for love in our generation and the word love has lost its meaning in this world!

 3.Who should buy your love guide book- Is this a book a man should read before he goes out for the night?

This book will give you clarity about your love life and help answer your own questions about love. Also, how it affects every area of your life  and not just in the area of romance.

I do believe men need to read this book before they go out. It will help them decide if they want a quick booty call or find long lasting love!:)

4.Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man’ By Steve Harvey is your book like this?

I haven’t read the book so I don’t know -it is about couples in love.

5. Revolution of love.What do you mean? Are we all doing it wrong?

I believe it is time to revolutionize the words… I love you and supercharged them again!! These words have been used and abused and have lost their true power. Love is defined as a noun in the dictionary. But it really is a verb! It requires action. Love is not just what I say, but it is what I do!! My book defines the many definitions of love!

6.Do you get more women because of your book?:) Do men hate you because of your book?

Yes my girlfriends have increased and men actual love my book and appreciate it too! My seminars are given surprisingly, by all men who talk about love and its many facets.

7. Words to ignite the fire of change so desperately needed in our society! Give couple examples .How much is too much for a man to start sharing his words?

I believe when you have an authority in a particular area. You don’t need long text book explanations. When a man knows what he is talking about he only needs to speak a few simple words! Any one of the words of wisdom in my book could ignite the fire, and help bring change in any area of any relationship in our society!

8.  Solutions to their problems are simply found in love. Is it really so simple? The divorce rate is still very high.

I believe the problem is that we have made love to complicated. Being self- centered and fear complicates our loving ways. When you understand love everything else makes sense. It really is just that simple.

9.How do you market your book, give us some tips on how you grow your business,

I self-published first and then it was picked by a great publishing company. I also hired a publicist to help get my book in unique places such as an Oscar gifting suite, a book signing at a movie premier and many red carpet events. I also recently started conducting Love Revolution Seminars to increase the flow of love in people’s lives.

10.Final comment: For what do you want to be remembered professionally?

I want be remember as one who has captured the simplicity of love and its mysteries and gave it to the world!  Love takes small things and makes them great!

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Small businesses how to Jumpstart Traffic To your blog.

Small business owners we are going to reveal several ways to promote your small business blog.

Each of these things will helped small business to continue building loyal readers and subscribers every single day.The most important points are in bold,and they should be considered rules rather than tips.Every good blogger follows these practices.

1.Small business should post quality,interesting and compelling content that people want to read.

2.Post regularly to your small business (at least 3-5 times per week if not more).

3.Small business should show how you are an expert and authority on your topic.

4.Write press releases that are newsworthy and link back to your authors blog.

5.Ask your readers to “Bookmark”your site with the popular social book-marking services like digg and others.

6.Ask your readers and other bloggers to link to your blog and share your content.

7.Encourage your readers to subscribe by RSS(use a service like feedburner).

8.Use video marketing drive people back to your blog(request information on video marketing).

9.Use video,audio and photos in your blog as well as text.

10.Be a guest author/expert on other small business blogs and websites in your industry.

11.Link to other small business blogs you like and share the good stuff with your subscibers.You will get other small businesses to link back to you.

12.Make your small business blog interactive by including polls,surveys and other interactive stuff.

13.Learn about search engine optimization.

14.Piggyback new and exciting developments in your industry(be the first to post!).

15.Link  your small business blog from other social networking sites (Ask about the top four sites you should be using).

16.Learn about the basic components on your blog like pings and trackbacks(see wordpress introduction to blogging).

17.Clam your small business blog on

18.Write and submit articles that point back to your small business blog.

19.Post your email newsletters on your blog.

20.Comment on blogs you like very often(be sure you have something intelligent to say).

21.Post in small business blog forums on the topic you like and link back to your blog.

22.Encourage your readers to share their thoughts,ideas and feedback by commenting,offer a free gift for doing so.

23.Add a call to action signature to all your outgoing email with link to your blog.

24.Join and add the widget.Visit other blogs when logged in to

25.Promote your RSS feed to sites that allow submissions easy for folks to subscribe to authors blog content.

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What The Witch really want!

Kelly learns she is The Witch born from a a coven of witches.

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your new book The Crystal Princess

Her life totally changes.
My name is Kimberly Norton and I’m a first time author. I’m also a Mom, a hairdressers, a school volunteer, and regular person who wrote a book.
I’m so excited about The Crystal Princess book. I think it can touch lots of people. The story it’s self is a fast paced fantasy that holds your attention, and has you asking for more. I really feel my book has the makings of a great movie series. It’s suitable for 12 years old and up.

2.How did the witch story and the  book come about?

The book came to me while my family and I were on a camping trip.  I wrote out the whole story by hand that week. It went from my brain to my hand in a flash.

3.Give us some tips on how you are marketing the witch story in your book? what have you learn?

Marketing is a very hard road. I’ve done several radio interviews to try and talk about the witch . I have a Facebook fan page. I twitter. I do booking signings and so on. I’ve started talking in schools to kids encouraging them to write and I’m currently mentoring a senior at my the local high school on a writing project.
I have a web site at I’ve entered my book in a contest where I placed 2ND. My book has been reviewed by many bloggers who gave it good ratings. I know the story is good about the witch . There is an audience for my writing. It’s a YA ( young adult) book, but adults love it too.
My book is for sale at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.
I’m also working on a video trailer that will include the witch for my book, and that will be on YouTube in January under my channel.
4.Do you have a team? or does Tate help you behind the scenes?
No I really don’t have any help from my publisher. They have set up one or two book signings, but that’s it. Nothing else and I mean nothing. I had to pay into my book publishing as a first time author, and they talked highly about how publishing with them is not self publishing. They made it clear that they would help me get the witch story and  my book out there, but that is not the case. They cashed the check, edited the book, gave me a great cover design then sent me on my way. So to anyone who is looking to get into this field I would tell them to get an agent who will get you into a publishing house that’s worth your time.
5.Talk about your book signing,or are going to have a book signing? if so what do you want to get out of the book signing and talking about the witch.
As far as the signings go. It’s really hard. Your an unknown, and most people don’t turn out to meet an unknown person talking about the witch. So all you can do is make the best out of it. You have to approach people and tell them your story. Tell them how great you feel this book is and hope ( if they buy one) they will feel the same, and tell a friend.
6.Your first book,what will you do different on your second book?
Ok being a first time author has lots of disadvantages. Like 1  my first book was edited way down so it’s much shorter then I’d have like. So in a way it;s the intro book to the witch story. It gives you the main parts of the story, but in book two I have added much more detail about the witch main characters and who they are. Book 2 is far darker then book one, but it’s still filled with action. I’m still working on book 2, but I think if I get an agent down the road book one will have to be extended or merged with book two for length alone.
7.Authors must have a platform! when they go and talk with Publishing House,how is your platform coming along?
Not sure what you mean by platform!Facebook,YouTube,Twitter,Blog,you should have the witch following.
8.When does Kimberly do her best writing?
I do all and any of my writing when I can. I need a quite house without distractions to write about the witch, so it’s not as often as I’d like.  I can see why JK Rollings went to a hotel to write.
9.Share with us a little bit from Chapter 1.
In chapter one you are going to meet Kelly the witch. Kelly is attending her senior year of high school. She’s planing her birthday party and being a normal tween. After the bell rings in history class all hell breaks loose. A girl appears in class dressed in a black cape. Time is frozen. The girl pushes Kelly to the floor,
covers her with the cape and with a flash of light their gone. Kelly blacks out. When she wakes up she’s at a place she’s never been to before. At a house with the girl from class and another girl. They call for their mom. Kelly is scared to death. The women tells Kelly a crazy tale. She explains that she is Kelly’s birth mother and the girls and her sisters. She tells her she is a witch and she is from a long line of witches. She’s taken her because an evil witch names Victoria wants to kill her before she can become immortal.
  And yes that is all in chapter 1.
10.Final Comment:What turns you on creatively, spiritually or
I’m just blessed to have been given this gift and i put together a good story about the witch. It’s not like I imagined being a writer as a child or anything. I just wrote down the words as they came to me, and one day I know many people will know my books. The Crystal Princess is to be a 3 book series, and as soon as I get the call from an agent or a large publishing house looking to do book 2 about the witch and become a reality.
Hollis I can’t thank you enough for having this show and helping me get the word out there about my book. It’s great people like you who brighten our world. Thanks again,
Kimberly Norton
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Partnerships-Joint venture is it needed in your business?

Partnerships is simply the coming together of two or more individuals to jointly invest money in a commonenterprise.

Partnerships and group investing,partners,joint ventures,and syndicates.In the end,partnerships exist for one reason-so that the partners can accomplish together what they cannot accomplish individually.This synergy can be very important in providing  you with a jump-start on attaining some ambitious business goals.

Despite the fact that organizing partners into a business partnerships offers important benefits.

The questions remains,”why use partners if you can accomplish your business objectives without them” The answer, of course,is that you shouldn’t.The reason not to use partners can be summed up in three words: “It’s a hassle.” In reality,however,there are times when the hassle is worthwhile because partners represent the only way to your particular business objective.

The Regulation of Partnerships.

Today,many limited partnerships and syndicates are regulated by state and federal securities laws, for the overall protection of the investors. If you keep your private partnership group very small and know each of your partners personally,you should have little trouble with regulations.While you may communicate with investors and prospective investors by telephone,email, or U.S.Mail,don’t use these mediums of interstate communication to solicit an investment.

Using Partnership capital

The purpose of forming a joint venture is to obtain capital to grow your business and have capital for the operation of your business.Debt financing and equity financing are two ways to use partnership capital.

Debt Financing

When you use debt financing,you become indebted to the partners for the use of their capital. In this case,the capital comes to you in the form of a loan. Typically,the partners will receive a note as evidence of debt with a market interest rate on the loan. As a “sweetener,” you might even offer them a certain percentage of cash flow,for example,in addition to receiving 10% interest on the loan,they might receive 25% of all the cash flow from the business in excess of a certain amount.Alternatively,they might be entitled to 20% of any of the business appreciation.

Equity Financing

With equity financing,the partners are paid for the use of their capital by means of equity in the business.In this case,you pay no interest for the capital,and the partners returns on their investments will be cash flow,equity build-up,tax benefits,and future appreciation. Most potential investors will prefer to own a portion of the equity if they have confidence in your management ability.The downside of equity financing is that you give up a portion of the ownership and control.

Establishing a Capital Reserve

When you  form a partnership,you should always provide yourself with some insurance,so to speak,by establishing a financial reserve when you initially solicit capital contributions from partners. This extra money should be put into a bank account for the use in case of emergency.Although partners are frequently excited about investing in a new project, they are usually very reluctant to invest additional money should problems with the business develop. A reserve provides important protection in  partnerships.

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Create the leaders Enviroment!

As leaders we can’t change people,but we can create an enviroment that allows them to grow.The following ten elements should be considered when creating such an enviroment:

1.Depending on the size of your organization,create a website that will support those you are leading. Post the next meeting time for the staff or divisions of your organization,a calender of company events that you would like to have your people attend, and any potential changes in marketing plans or activities that would affect employees’ personal income or position as related to management team.

2.Give your employees 24/7 email access to you.Allow them to communicate with you directly;discourage a long document,”but encourage them to present any challenges or areas they see that might improve operations.It is amazing how few will use this,but knowing they have the option is very important

3.Meet with your key leaders a minium of twice a year in a fun location. It might be a cruise or resort where they can leave the day-to-day challenges behind and enjoy some fun and fellewship.Encourage the involement of their mate and kids.Relationships are created during these special times.

4.In addition,leaders create a conference call to touch base and communicate on a regular basis.Where there is no communication there is potential for rumors.

5.Leaders Create a company ezine,newsletter.Each month send everyone a one-page email sharing your vision and how important each person is to the overall success of the organization.

6.Leaders when possible,have random chats with your people.Just arrive,pull up a chair,and have your folks gather around just to share and laugh.

7.Leaders Listen,When people you lead feel you are no longer listening to them,them move to the belief that they no longer offer value.When they feel they have no futher value,they lose their passion for what they are doing and begin going through the motions rather than fulfilling a mission.

8.Have an open forum giving your people the opportunity to share how they feel about your leaderrship and the direction of the organization.

9.Never forget that people want to belong and that recognition can mean more than a pay raise.pat them on the back,especially in front of their peers,if they do a great job.Building others up creates confidence,and where confidence prevails,performance will follow.

10.Believe in them. Supply belief transfer.

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7 Unique Marketing Principles


If no one notices you and your ideas,processes,and experiences,there’s no way to promote whatever vehicle you used to express them.


Create a nice Logo and great catch phase and put them on T-shirts,Mugs,Notpads,a refrigerator magnet,and book bags,sponsor a youth sports team,you should also sale your items.


Traveling the two-way street of communication is what selling ideas is all about. The Unique Marketing Principle is your interactive Logo and design that fairly makes you want to communicate with whomever is wearing or carrying an item with your logo or unique slogan on it.Again, it sets up a buzz and starts everyone talking about your company.That company with style.


Be yourself no matter what other people say. A creative and distinctive approach,product,or idea is worth millions. Take the time to think through your approach.Keep in mind that your thoughts control your life. Don’t run with the herd. Instead,lift your sights and soar.Dare to be distinctive.


Whatever you do,think of energy. Energy is spirit/vibration. When i thought about what I wanted to do with my products, I thought about the following facets of energy:thoughts,words,color,sound,physical image,and,above all, psychological strengh and courage to do whatever it takes to implement the plan.

6.Head Turner

This is the WOW factor of whatever you do. When you walk past something and go back to take a look and say,”WOW!” Or you point to something different and distinctive and say :WOW! What a great idea!” Or “WOW! look at her!” or “WOW,I wish I’d done that!” This is an exponential leap beyond just getting attention. Knock em out with your uniqueness and willingness to be different. Turn heads!


Innovation is a powerful concept.It means to introduce something new or introduce change. Individuals resist change. However, until they do change spiritually,mentally,emotionally and physiacally.Neither can ideas.Marketing and promotion are in the province of change and getting someone out there to buy whatever it is you’re selling.Breaking down the customer’s resistance to your ideas,processes,and experiences is a large part of business success. In fact,it is the most important aspect of marketing and promotion.

Innovation forces you to think for yourself and to stop value judging.Then it provides the impetus to brainstrom and mind map diverse ways of thinking,new windows of perception,discover hidden talents,new ways of saying old things,new networks and contacts,and ways to integrate all aspects of your life,Most importantly,it reinvents not only your ideas,processes,and experiences,but you.

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